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The Smallest, Most Affordable Alzheimer's GPS Locator Available!

Why Should Every Adult With Alzhemer's Carry A sentryGPSid™ Locator?

Anyone with a relative with Alzheimer's knows all too well that wandering is a serious problem for Alzheimer's. Numerous research studies show that over 60-70% of all patients with Alzheimer’s will become lost at least once in their lifetime. But the horror does not stop there; reports state that nearly 50% of these Alzheimer's patients could die if they are not found within 24 hours. The sentryGPSid™ is a proactive solution to this life-threatening problem.

With the ability to create custom safe zones, combined with the option of text and email alerts, a family member or care giver can instanteneously be notified in REAL TIME when these safe zones are breached. Once alerted, care givers and loved ones can then quickly and easily find out where their loved one's sentryGPSid™ is through the SentryGPS webportal. The simple to read Google Maps interface provides the physical address of the sentryGPSid's location, and also the last 50 points of data so that a travel direction can also be calculated.


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sentryGPSid™ Locator Features

SOS/Urgent Mode

Set the deice into Urgent mode by either hitting the SOS button on the device, or by selecting the option from the web portal to view continuous updates of the sentryGPSid™ device's location.

"Safe" & "Forbidden" Zones

User-definable geofences allow parents to be alerted when their child leaves or enters a predefined zone. Whether that zone is 5 miles or 50 feet, anyone that is responsible for a child's safety can now have an extra level of security and comfort knowing they can be alerted before a loved one wanders too far.

24x7 Access

Locate, Track, & Monitor your GPS locator device from any internet connected computer, anywhere in the world, any time of day. The SentryGPS webportal allows "around the clock" access and availability!

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