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Sentry Announces New, Lower GPS Rental Pricing

Monday, July 27th, 2009

As of July 25h, Sentry Technologies released a new pricing structure for it’s GPS rental program with prices as low as $4 per day!  This new pricing structure makes it even more affordable for every family to be able to protect their loved ones while on vacation by renting a GPS personal location device.

The new costs to rent a GPS personal location device are as follows:

sentryGPSid™ GPS Rental Cost Chart
3 days: $16.00
up to 7 days: $32.00
up to 10 days: $42.00
up to 14 days: $56.00
15 days or more: just $4 per day!

Renting a GPS personal location device is also a great way to try one before you buy it.

To begin your GPS rental, follow this link

Customize Your View of the GPS Tracking Map

Thursday, March 19th, 2009
Choose your GPS tracking preferences

Choose your GPS tracking preferences

The SentryGPS webportal allows you to customize your view of our GPS tracking map.  Through the Settings option immediately below the map showing your GPS device, you can customize the following options:

  1. Whether or not to show the data collected from your GPS device.
  2. The ability to select the number of points of data to display from 1 to 50.  Choosing 1 will show the latest position reported by your GPS device, while choosing more than one will show the current position along with the appropriate number of historical points of data.
  3. Whether or not to show visual indicators on your map which correspond to any alert information triggered by your GPS device.
  4. The SentryGPS webportal allows you to any geaofences you have created for your device directly on the GPS tracking map.
  5. You also are provided the option of showing connecting lines between points of data (if you have selected more than 1 point of data).  This can be useful in helping o establish a travel pattern for your GPS device.

We Are Now Accepting Orders for the sentryGPSid!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Great News!

As of this evening, Sentry Technologies has officially started taking orders for our latest child and adult protection and identification product – the sentryGPSid!

To order your GPS device, visit our online store at: