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sentryGPSid Now Offers Event Tracking for Races

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Hosting some type of event or race, an open water swim or kayak race maybe?  How about a bike race?

Any event that covers a long distance is an ideal candidate to use the sentryGPSid and event-based web portal to track your racers.  Check out NYC Swim’s Manhattan Island Relays for an example of how our GPS tracking device can be used to track your next race event.

Or, if the event you are participating in isn’t using GPS to track the full field, rent one yourself to track your own progress and movement so all of your friends and family can watch as your progress along the course!

Contact our sales and rental office today to find out how you can rent a GPS tracking device for your next event!

Create up to Five Radial Geofences for each GPS Personal Location Device

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

sentryGPSid GPS tracking portal safe zone overview

With the sentryGPSid GPS tracking portal and our GL100 GPS personal tracking device, you can create up to five radial geofences (safe zones) per GPS tracking device. Each GPS device will always show a list of Zones 1 – 5, even if no zone is yet created. You can create your zones in any order. and can easily see which zones are active or inactive at any given time.
If you have more than 1 GPS personal location device associated with your account, you can switch between GPS location devices by utilizing the drop-down above the list of geofences.
Create and edit each of your radial geofences individually, but view all of your geofences for each device on one tracking map.

Creating a new GPS radial geofence

To create a new radial geofence for any of your GPS location device, simply follow the steps outlined below:
Step 1: Enter the address you wish to create the geofence around, then click the Go button.
Step 2: Enter the distance, and choose your unit of measure for the radius of the geofence, then click Go.
Step 3: Name your zone and click the Create Zone button.

Edit a GPS radial geofence

You can also easily edit your previously created and saved geofences for each GPS location device. Start by clicking the “edit” button located under the geofence which you would like to edit. Then edit the center of the location by using the drag-and-drop directions below, or edit the name or radius by entering the new information in the pop-up window. Then just remember to click the “Commit Zone Updates” button.
Hint: You can also deactive or delete any of your zones by clicking the corresponding button as well. (if you deactivate the zone, you won’t receive any alerts for breaches of that zone).

Recenter a GPS radial geofence

One of the unique features of our GPS tracking portal is the ability to “drag-and-drop” the center of your geofence on the setup map in order to recenter your geofence.
After entering the address for a new zone, or clicking “edit” in order to update a current zone, simply click on the red icon on the map that signifies the center of your zone, and hold the mouse cursor down. Now drag your mouse cursor to whatever location you wish for the center of the zone to be and release the mouse button. Now just re-save your zone!
Hint: If you switch the map to “Hybrid” view prior to starting the drag-and-drop process you can see the actual buildings and other geographical features to help ensure your GPS location device’s geofence is centered exactly where you want it.

Interested in finding out more about our GPS tracking solutions for children, adults, fleet management, asset tracking, or how they can work for your particular situation? Call our sales office at 866.825.6050, or send us an email through our online support center.

Sentry GPS Tracking Portal Now Includes Streetview

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

GPS Tracking Map StreetviewOne of the newest features of the sentryGPSid GPS tracking portal is the integration of street views for our maps.  This enhanced capability allows you to see a street level view of your GPS personal location device’s location; so even if you have never been to the location you can know what the area looks like. You can also still see all of your GPS location points directly on the tracking map; the sample to the left shows an example of where an SOS alert was generated by our demo GPS personal location device.

In order to utilize this view, simply click on the orange person icon in the map navigation tool (reference the image to the right), and drag it to the desired location on the GPS tracking map.  You then can pan, zoom, and “walk” down the street to any location you wish.  This is a great feature for anyone using the GPS to track their kids, or an adult with Alzheimers!

Interested in finding out more about our GPS tracking solutions for children, adults, fleet management, asset tracking, or how they can work for your particular situation?  Call our sales office at 866.825.6050, or send us an email through our online support center.

GPS Tracking Portal Version 2.1 Set to Debut

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Here at Sentry Location Solutions we are preparing to unveil the latest version of our easy to use GPS tracking portal. Version 2.1 of Sentry LS’ tracking portal increases ease of use for users with one device, and for those with over a hundred devices.

Not only have we redesigned both the GPS tracking history and GPS Zones pages, we’ve increased the functionality in both as well, making it even easier to create your geofences.  We’ve also expanded the history functionality to allow the export of the last 200 data points and have expanded the map display to make it easier to review the data points on the map.

Version 2.1 makes the sentryGPSid GPS location devices even more effective for any GPS tracking purpose.  Whether you’re looking for a GPS to track your child, your teen driver, an elderly parent, assets, or an entire fleet of vehicles, the new sentryGPSid tracking portal is the perfect solution for your needs.

Watch for the new version of our GPS portal to debut before the New Year!

Interested in finding out more about our GPS tracking solutions, or how they can work for your situation?  Call our sales office at 866.825.6050, or send us an email through our online support center.

Use the sentryGPSid Portal Tracking History to see where your device has been!

Saturday, October 30th, 2010
GPS Tracking History

sentryGPSid Portal GPS Tracking History

With the sentryGPSid™ GPS Tracking device and web portal, you can view up to the last 100 location points for your GPS device, and download up to the last 200 location points from your GPS device.

If you are tracking multiple GPS devices you can switch between the devices to view the tracking history of any and/or all of your GPS devices on a map.

The tracking map allows you to switch between standard map view, satellite view, or a hybrid of the two so you can view the history of your GPS device, or your GPS rental device on the map view that suites you best.

Get your sentryGPSid now for the new low price of $165!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Sentry Location Solutions, LLC has now reduced the pricing on their original GPS tracking device, the sentryGPSid SGI1000.  Now you can get this personal GPS location device for the low price of just $165!

The sentryGPSid GPS device is the perfect way to track your loved ones through our proprietary online GPS tracking portal.  You can use our web portal to track your GPS device from anywhere in the world where you can obtain an internet connection.  As long as your GPS device has a view of the open sky and can obtain a cellular signal, you can see where you GPS device is any time of day.

Order your sentryGPSid device today for just $165.

New Pricing and Updated Service Options

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Here at Sentry Location Solutions we have lowered the cost on our Live Tracking service, which provides updates as frequently as every 5 seconds when both GPS and cellular fixes can be acquired, down to just $64.99 per month.

We’ve also increased the number of Manual Location Requests on our Basic service plan up to 30 per month, and our Unlimited service plan now includes Fixed Time Reporting every 10 minutes instead of every 15 minutes!

Rent A GPS for Your Family Vacation

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Sentry Location Solutions makes it easy, and affordable, to keep track of your children during your family vacation to the amusement park, the beach, or almost anywhere.  At as little as $4 per day, per device, the sentryGPSid is a great addition to your vacation plans!

Renting our personal GPS tracking device is quick and easy.  Simply choose the number of devices, and the number of days, then tell us where to ship the device and the starting date.  We will even have it delivered directly to your hotel so it is ready and waiting when you arrive. To make it even easier, the return shipping label is also included in the box with return postage prepaid.  Simply put the GPS device back in the original shipping box, and use the return shipping label to return your rental device.

Order your rental device(s) today, and enjoy the peace of mind the sentryGPSid personal GPS location device provides you and your family on your vacation!

with the sentryGPSid you can k…

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

with the sentryGPSid you can know BEFORE your loved one wanders…

Sentry Announces New, Lower GPS Rental Pricing

Monday, July 27th, 2009

As of July 25h, Sentry Technologies released a new pricing structure for it’s GPS rental program with prices as low as $4 per day!  This new pricing structure makes it even more affordable for every family to be able to protect their loved ones while on vacation by renting a GPS personal location device.

The new costs to rent a GPS personal location device are as follows:

sentryGPSid™ GPS Rental Cost Chart
3 days: $16.00
up to 7 days: $32.00
up to 10 days: $42.00
up to 14 days: $56.00
15 days or more: just $4 per day!

Renting a GPS personal location device is also a great way to try one before you buy it.

To begin your GPS rental, follow this link